Term paper on Abbott

by Noah M. Horwitz

Someone asked for this. I’m sorry to everyone else.


I do want to quickly address a small point, which is that, because this was an academic paper, I engaged in the hyper-objectivity I often correctly lambaste, the type one would see among editors of The New York Times and such. I do things that in hindsight I should not have done, like try to objectively analyze what proponents and opponents said about SB 6, the “Bathroom Bill.” I noted, for example, “opponents said” before listing the empirically shown negative effects. I should have been more forceful, and I regret following what my law school tried to drill into me, which is engaging in the senselessness and detachment often lauded among professional, corporate-type lawyers. That is not me and I am sorry the words I used followed that which I have described as the “cult of objectivity.”